Sunday, October 16, 2011

Do I know you??

It has already happened!  I've become a slacker blogger! The beginning of school has been especially busy this year.  BB is playing football, in percussion band, and taking four Pre-Ap classes.  I don't think I remember having this much homework back in the day.  Finally we have gotten into a pretty good routine and I've gotten to work on some projects. 

Lulu has been telling us for weeks that she wants to be a ghost for Halloween.  How original!  I finished the first half of her costume today...

BB and her daddy don't understand why I just don't cut up a sheet and put it over her head.  That would be real cute...NOT!

The boys went to the movies this afternoon, so I actually got to spend all afternoon sewing.  I fell in love with this fabric at Hobby Lobby yesterday and knew I had to make Lulu some ruffle pants.

Now I've got to make a cute top to match.  Be back soon to catch up on all the fun things we have been up this fall.

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