Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's beginning to feel alot like Xmas!

Well not really...yet!  The wind is really blowing right now and as they say about Texas weather, "If you don't like it, just wait a day, it will be completely different.  It is supposed to be in the 30s tomorrow and I am ready!  I'm not really a cold weather gal but when it comes to Christmas I want it COLD!  We only have 1 1/2 days left of school and I think I speak for all teachers and parents..."I'm so ready for a break!"  I love how Christmas falls at the very beginning of the break so we can just hang out and have fun at home doing whatever we want. 

Speaking of hanging out at home, Kiki was sick Monday so we were at home and what better way to spend a day at home than sewing the baby girl a dress.

For the most part I used the instructions here and made a few adjustments.  I love how it turned out!

Well we are off to church so talk to you later!

Monday, December 17, 2012

When boys do sweet things

Sometimes B can really surprise me. No, he always surprises me!  About a week ago our elf, Buddy, brought Kiki and B some surprises from Santa for being so good this year, ha!  He brought Kiki two Christmas books and he brought B some "coupons" for things that I rarely buy him like, breakfast at Chick fil A, a Starbucks drink and a Route 44 from Sonic.  I know, not what Santa should be promoting.  Anyway this morning he wanted to go to Starbucks.  When we get there this was our conversation:

Me:  What do you want?

B:  A double chocolate chip frappacino.

Me:  That's not even on the menu.

B:  I know, but I think they have it.

Me:  How do you know about this?

B:  This girl Logan told me about it.

Me:  Oh.

So I order it and they do have it.  And off to school we go.  I at home today with Kiki because she is sick so I spent part of the morning on the computer.  On Facebook I see that Brandon has been tagged in a post by a girl, Logan, on his page.  The post read, "Last week at Forney, but thanks to B that made my morning."  Below the posting was a picture of the Starbucks drink.  My sweet boy had brought that drink for his friend that was moving this week.  It just made my heart feel so good to know that there is a sweet bone in that messy, stinky, sometime smart mouthed thirteen year old!  I think I'm going to have to take him back to Starbucks tomorrow:)

When the unthinkable happens

It's been really long time since I've blogged but on Friday an unthinkable event happened.  When I first got to school I was already sad because it was the last day for two of my favorite students.  As other teachers know, we do get very attached to our students and often think of some of them as our own.  Then at lunch, I heard the horrifying news.  An evil individual had stolen the lives of 20 precious little children and 6 heroic educators.  As both a parent and an educator this crushed my heart.  I send my two children off everyday into the care of others assuming they will be safe and return at the end of the day.  As a teacher, I would like to think that I would be as brave and would protect my students the way those teachers at Sandy Hook did. 

This tragedy has thrown the nation into the gun control and mental illness debate.  I have mixed feelings about both.  The one thing that I do feel strongly about the noteriety that these shooters receive.  I think there should be laws against releasing their names.  I don't care about their names, I don't care about their childhood, or what went wrong for them.  All I care about hearing about are those 26 victims.  I have vowed to remember at least one name off of that victim list.  Below are the list of all of the names.  Please pray for their families, their school, and their community.  We as Christians know that they are in a much better place.  It is those left behind that are the true victims.

Charlotte Bacon
Daniel Barden
Rachel D'Avino
Olivia Engel
Josephine Gay
Dylan Hockley
Dawn Hochsprung
Madeleine Hsu
Catherine Hubbard
Chase Kowalski
Nancy Lanza
Jesse Lewis
Ana Marquez-Greene
James Mattioli
Grace McDonnell
Anne Marie Murphy
Emilie Parker
Jack Pinto
Noah Pozner
Caroline Previdi
Jessica Rekos
Avielle Richman
Lauren Rousseau
Mary Sherlach
Victoria Soto
Benjamin Wheeler
Allison Wyatt