Monday, July 18, 2011

Welcome back to my blog!

Hey y'all!  Welcome back!  I say welcome back because a few years ago I started this blog and let's just say I didn't do a very good job:(  However, I am ready to start again and hopefully this time things will be different.  When I thought about starting to blog again I thought about what kind of blog I wanted.  I thought about all the interests I have and all the blogs I read.  Did I want this to be a crafting blog? A running blog?  Well I decided that I wanted to talk about whatever was on my mind and going on in my crazy, busy life. 

I know I should go ahead and tell you all about myself.  My name is Kelley and I live just outside of Dallas, Texas, otherwise known as Hell right now!  I have been married to the greatest guy for the last 14 years and we have the two most beautiful children in the world, hence the name "BB and Lulu".  Most of the year I am a high school math teacher.  However, right now during the summer I do my best to forget about school and just do what I love the a mom, run alot, and craft as much as I can.

Thanks for stopping by and I do hope you'll come back!

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